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About First Aid Online

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First Aid Online first started in January 2022 by Marcel

It was inspired by nation wide covid pandemic lockdowns. Most first aid businesses shut down during the covid pandemic lockdowns, with good reason as they usually have large groups of 10-30 people in 1 room for most of a day. The business Marcel was working for at the time, Canberra First Aid, opened back up again during the first lockdowns with a new course that meant small groups of 2-5 people could come in for 15-60 minutes to complete their first aid and CPR assessments. The whole time maintaining social distancing and without any physical contact with other participants. This new format of first aid training received a lot of positive feedback due to its convenience.
With First Aid Online Marcel has expanded that style of first aid training to not needing to do a short face-to-face session and instead do a short video conference call session. Which makes the courses even more convenient as participants don’t even need to leave their home or workplace to complete their course. No need to travel, find and pay for parking, locate a training room, sit in a room full of strangers and act out scenarios in front of them. First Aid Online is as convenient as a first aid course can get.

All first aid equipment needed to complete the course is posted out through Australia Post

There will be a pre paid return post sticker so that the box of equipment can be dropped off at any Australia post after the course is complete, to return the equipment. All equipment is then cleaned before use again. It’s about as covid safe as a first aid training course can get.
Marcel has over 7 years experience as a first aid trainer for multiple first aid training companies. He has almost 2 years experience in running first aid online courses and answering questions that come up after doing an online first aid training course. As First Aid Online’s only trainer, you will be in safe and competent hands.