All our certificates are Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign in to your account at using the email address you used when making the booking. You can reset your password if you forgot it.

There will be a pre paid return post sticker inside your box. Peel it and stick it over the postage sticker that was already on the box, so that the previous sticker is covered by the new sticker. Tape the box closed. Then take the box into any Australia Post. Make sure it gets scanned at the counter.

When you book in, you will enter your postal address as part of your enrolment. Your equipment will then be posted to you through Australia Post.

Yes for all of your first aid and CPR practical assessments. You will need to provide your own equipment for the video conference call, such as a device that can use Zoom, camera, speakers and microphone.

Access to Zoom and a working camera, speaker and microphone. A reliable internet connection that can handle a video conference call, we suggest you test this before your course if unsure.

No, as our video conference calls only go between 15 and 60 minutes there are no breaks. If you need to use the bathroom during your call, just speak to your Trainer.

Due to the short nature of our courses, if you are 10 minutes or more late, you would have missed your booking. You will then need to contact First Aid Online to book in to another video conference call.

You will have as long you want, but your certificate won’t be processed until it is in the post.

You can use any device that has a camera, speaker and microphone, so long as you can set it up that your Trainer can see you performing CPR on the floor.

Your certificate will usually be emailed to you with in 1 business day from when you return post the equipment.

You will be emailed the zoom link and there will usually be a slip of paper in the box of training equipment that has your zoom meeting ID on it. Either will work to join the zoom meeting.

We use Australia Post, so we can deliver anywhere in Australia that Australia Post delivers to.
The online pre course you can complete any time before your Zoom session. It needs to be completed before your zoom session or you will not be able to join your session. The online pre course doesn’t need to be done in 1 session, you can stop and start it where you left off at any time. The zoom sessions are run at set times and you will need to attend the session time you booked in for.
Yes. Please be mindful that other course participants will be able to see you and your surrounds. Dress appropriately.

No. CPR is included in first aid, you will receive both qualifications when you complete a first aid course.

No. First aid qualifications are valid for 3 years regardless of whether you keep your CPR qualification current.

No. We have a paid account, so all you need is a free account.

No. All assessments can be completed on the manikins or yourself.