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Book into a zoom video conference call session through our First Aid Online booking system. Once paid, we will then post you a box of training equipment for this session.

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Online Training

Complete your online pre course training at your own pace. By reading, watching training videos and answering questions.

Zoom Session

Attend your booked in zoom video conference call and complete your practical demonstrations. Your instructor will give you instructions and feedback.

Return Post

Drop off the pre paid box of training equipment at any Australia Post office, your Nationally Recognised Certificate will then be emailed to you.

First Aid Online Courses {suburb}

HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

Length 3-7 hour self paced pre course study plus 60 minute zoom session, includes CPR
$ 187

If you have been asked to get a First Aid Certificate, then this is the course you need. Previously HLTAID003 Often a workplace requirement. This course includes HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Aside from gaining a Nationally Recognised Qualification, you will learn the skills and knowledge on how to respond to a first aid emergency situation. Also many other first aid situations that may not be emergencies.

HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Length 1-2 hour self paced pre course study plus a 30 minute zoom session
$ 121

If you have been asked to get a CPR certificate, then this is the course you need. Previously HLTAID001 This 100% online course is Nationally Recognised and teaches you the skills and knowledge to respond to a situation where someone is unconscious. Focusing on the skills needed to provide CPR. It also covers how to use a Defibrillator or AED correctly. All from the comfort of your home or workplace. The most convenient CPR course online.

HLTAID012 Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting

Length 3-7 hour self paced pre course study plus 60 minute zoom session, includes Provide First Aid and CPR
$ 198

Previously HLTAID004 This 100% online first aid course is tailored specifically towards working in childcare and early learning centres. It also includes HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and HLTAID011 Provide First Aid. Child and baby first aid, as well as incident report forms and reporting to a regulatory authority, are an important part of this online first aid course.

Baby and Child Online First Aid Course

We run non accredited baby and child online first aid courses twice a month in the form of a 90 minute zoom session. This course does not include a certificate.

PUAEME008 Provide Pain Management

Length 1-2 hour self paced pre course study plus a 60 min zoom session
$ 132

First Aid Online offers PUAEME008 Provide Pain Management 100% online in a simple and flexible format. We post out the training equipment you require. Complete the course from home or at work to gain a nationally recognised qualification. It is a prerequisite of this course that you hold a current HLTAID011 Provide First Aid certificate.

HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely

Length 2-3 hour self paced pre course study plus a 60 min zoom session
$ 66

Complete this nationally recognised qualification 100% online. You will need to set up an area to imitate your work place and have an object to move around in front of a camera during a video conference zoom call.

Nationally Accredited First Aid Course Online in {suburb}

First Aid Online in {Suburb}: Your Convenient Path to Accreditation

First Aid Online is your convenient resource for getting fully accredited in First Aid from the comfort of your own home in {Suburb}. Our courses can be taken on your phone, tablet, or computer, offering full flexibility in how you choose to engage with the course.

Here’s how it works for our {Suburb} residents:

  1. Book Your Course: Simply book your course online from {Suburb}.
  2. Pre-Course Training: Complete the pre-course training in your own time.
  3. Practical Demonstrations: Complete the practical demonstrations in a 30-60 minute Zoom call from {Suburb}.
  4. Return Training Equipment: Drop off the prepaid box of training equipment at any Australia Post office in {Suburb}.
  5. Receive Certification: You’ll receive your certification within one business day.


We’ll send you a training equipment package prior to your practical demonstration, and you simply return it at your local Australia Post in {Suburb}.

Our online First Aid courses and refreshers provide Nationally Recognised Accreditation throughout Australia, covering all workplace and study requirements. Residents of {Suburb} can now access top-quality First Aid training with ease and flexibility.

Why Basic First Aid Knowledge is Essential in {Suburb}

Knowing basic First Aid is an important life skill that could potentially save someone’s life in an emergency situation. For residents of {Suburb}, it’s essential knowledge to have, as it can help prevent further injury or even death in many cases, such as when someone has a seizure, heart attack, choking incident, or any other medical emergency. It is also invaluable for handling minor injuries like scrapes and cuts.

First Aid knowledge in {Suburb} can empower you to manage health-related issues at home without needing to rush to the hospital for every minor cut or scrape. This not only saves time and money but also provides peace of mind, knowing you are better informed about medical treatments and can confidently handle them yourself if needed.

Additionally, having First Aid knowledge may improve your chances of getting shortlisted for certain jobs in {Suburb} that require specific standards in medical care and preparedness. Jobs that involve working with children or outdoors, where minor injuries could occur more frequently, particularly value First Aid skills.

Investing in First Aid training in {Suburb} equips you with the skills to respond effectively in emergencies, making our community safer and more prepared.

Which First Aid online courses do we offer?

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Why Choose First Aid Online

No Need To Travel

You can complete your entire First Aid course from the convenience of your home or workplace in {Suburb}. There’s no need to spend time driving, searching for or paying for parking, or finding a training room. The entire First Aid Online course can be done on your computer, phone, or similar device, providing ultimate flexibility for our {Suburb} residents.


Our online training course in {Suburb} can be done at your own pace. You can start and stop it at any time, returning to where you last left off. The video conference call session only takes 30-60 minutes, so there’s no need to take a whole day off work. We even offer night sessions to fit your busy schedule.

If you can’t make your booked video conference call session at the last minute, we will be happy to move you into another booking that works for you. This flexibility ensures that residents of {Suburb} can easily complete their First Aid training without disrupting their daily routine.

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Nationally Recognised Qualification

Upon completion of your course and return post the equipment, you will be emailed a pdf of your certificate within 1 business day. Which you can print out if you need a hard copy. All of our certificates are nationally recognised qualifications and cover work place and study first aid requirements. Certificates are produced by our Registered Training Organisation ABC First Aid RTO 3399.

Servicing {suburb} since 2022

At First Aid Online, we are proud to offer our top-quality First Aid training services to the residents of {Suburb}. Our convenient online courses allow you to gain nationally recognized qualifications from the comfort of your home or workplace in {Suburb}. With flexible scheduling and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that you receive the best training experience tailored to your needs. Explore our courses today and join the many satisfied customers in {Suburb} who trust First Aid Online for their certification needs.

If you are looking for a face-to-face first aid course. We recommend
For a face-to-face course in Canberra we highly recommend South Canberra First Aid at
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First Aid Online Testimonials

I loved that this first aid course was 100% online. I have 2 children and it can be such a juggle, this course allowed me to work at my own pace for the online modules and then I was able to dedicate an hour towards a zoom first aid online assessment to put my learner skills into practice. The modules were informative and easy to follow, mostly videos and quick and succinct quizzes. Would recommend!!!
It was such a great first aid course! Super informative, and practical! Hopefully the skills I learnt throughout I will never have to put to practice, but so important to know! I Would highly recommend!
It was absolutely great! I did it from the comfort of my home, I was provided with all the required tools to complete the first aid course online! the trainer explained everything so clearly. I Definitely recommend first aid online to my students, peers and everyone around me.


Highly recommend to anyone wanting to do their First Aid Online! Very pleased with the whole layout of this course, loved how easy the whole process was! Thanks so much Marcel!

Great provider. Easy to organise, resources easy to access online and items required for practical exam posted out with adequate time and return process was easy. Practical exam was easy to access via zoom and facilitator happy to answer questions and provide guidance.
Excellent first aid course and extremely convenient. Allowed me to complete an accredited First Aid and CPR course at my own pace. Content was very easy to understand and assessment was also very comprehensive and interactive which allowed me to clarify any questions that I had. Thank you to Marcel and his team.
Perfect!! Quick turn around of first aid course times, no whole day/two days courses. Content was bang on, not repeated and silly never ending stories that fill the time of day long/two day course. Clear concise info. Great for the super busy who just need to get it done and get on with life. Highly recommend!!!!


Highly recommend them!! Super knowledgeable and they respond so fast making the process so easy.


Fantastic first aid online presentations. Clear, concise & thorough. Equipment provided was sufficient and instructions clear. Zoom assessment was easy, quick and friendly. Flexible appointment times. Communication around despatch/return of equipment was excellent as was Zoom meeting requirements. Revisiting CPR requalification this way allowed for sufficient time to practice the concepts around DRSABCD, CPR and AED. Came away from this first aid online training feeling confident on applying these practices in real life should the need arrive. Will definetly return to renew First AID when required.


Brilliant first aid training with First Aid Online. Clear easy to understand theory with instructional videos, everything you need sent to your doorstep, online practical assesment with a very well trained instructor and the beauty of not having to take a whole day off away from my busy practice made keeping my first aid current, very easy. If your looking for a 100% online first aid training that is excellent value for money then I would highly recommend this company. Hands down just brilliant.


Was the best way to do first aid, the online work was full of good videos and they weren’t too long and drawn out which is good. Marcel was a great trainer/assessor made it easy and not uncomfortable at all, very knowledgeable and was happy to answer any questions throughout. Will definitely be using again and recommend this to everyone.


Content was great and easy to follow. The course flowed and set out well. The zoom session was really good and had plenty of chances to ask questions.

Quick, perfect, no problems! Strongly recommended!
Completing my first aid certificate (including CPR) with First Aid Online was so easy and convenient to complete. I found the staff to be exceptionally friendly and helpful from the time of booking in my training to completion. The online content and videos were easy to follow and very user friendly. I will definitely be using First Aid Online for all of my follow up training. Thank you.